Special Honor


A Father who will not be forgotten

Hank Snyder (Greg’s father) passed away October 5, 2016 from Mesothelioma that he developed after direct asbestos exposure while serving in the US Navy. Greg and his father had a special bond that extended beyond father/son to best friends. Throughout Greg’s life, and especially while running D&E, Greg went to his father for advice and was always encouraged to work hard and do the right thing. Although Hank is not with us anymore, Greg runs D&E with his father in mind, always keeping him proud.

The American flag is located on all D&E clothing to commemorate his father’s service in the military and the “12-31-41” below the flag represents his father’s birthdate to celebrate his life.

Greg started the Henry Snyder Foundation Inc in honor of Hank. The foundation, run by family and close friends, holds an annual golf outing raising money for local Veteran charities.

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